We provide valuable services to a wide variety of businesses in the New York area.

Formation of Corporations, Business Certificates, Federal Tax ID Number, Certificate of Authority, State Liquor Licenses, State Cigarette Registration, Cigarette Licenses, Deli Licenses, Restaurant Permits, Food Stamp Program Permits, WIC Permits, Auto Dealer Permits, Home Repair Contractor Licenses, Barber Shop Permits, and others.

We do an analysis of your business to determine the type of assistance that we can offer, and if it is determined that we can make a valuable contribution to your company, we inform you. If not, we also inform you accordingly. After carefully studying your business, we vigorously strive to put it in perspective with your goals.

We don't just leave you hanging with the recommendations, but if you require our assistance, we will help you through the implementation process by a Guided Implementation Program (GIP), which is the measuring of the program being implemented at various intervals to determine the effectiveness of the recommendations.

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